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Canadian Forces Snowbirds


Airshow YQG Cancelled

Windsor, ON – May 16: 
Airshow YQG and the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association announces that Airshow YQG, taking place on the grounds of Windsor International Airport on May 27-28, 2017 has been cancelled.


Official notification about the Windsor show came from the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Monday.  “The Snowbirds contacted us to inform they would be cancelling their appearance and non-aerobatic performance at our airshow.  Subsequent to this, the Airshow YQG Planning Committee met and made the decision to cancel the show” – Paul McCann, Airshow Director.


The Snowbird cancellation is not unique to the Windsor show and includes other airshows in Canada and the United States.  “The Canadian Forces Snowbirds have a long-standing history of representing Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces on the international stage.  Their precision, professionalism and world-class performances are enjoyed by tens of thousands every year.  Although we are disappointed, we understand and trust that their decision was difficult, but the right one to make” – John Robinson, President – Canadian Historical Aircraft Association.


Airshow YQG and the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association would like to thank Windsor International Airport, The City of Windsor, sponsoring organizations and the community for supporting Airshow YQG.  Advance ticket holders will receive a full refund and we look forward to bringing future airshows and aviation events to the community.


Information from the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will follow via the Snowbird social media channels and at the Airshow YQG Facebook page and website.




Canadian Forces Snowbirds
Media Relations Department of National Defence

Phone: 613-996-2353 Toll-Free: 1-866-377-0811


Airshow YQG

Paul McCann, Airshow Director